Fated Echthroi

Unlike the other denizens of Ceyenus, the Echthroi are not natural inhabitants. Instead, Man gave them life, wrenching them from the very shadows to rend the last defenses of Ipotane in its conquest of Ceyenus. The Man’s creation was terrible in its victory and the Ipotane tribes were utterly broken.

Echthroi avoid congregating in large numbers lest the corruption imbued by Man’s vile sorceries begins to take hold. Should this transpire, the Echthroi begin to lose their individuality, growing violent and becoming susceptible to outside influence.



Echthroi can be motivated by a sense of guilt for the actions of their forbearers; more frequently, they are driven to demonstrate that they have moved beyond the enslavement of Man and are not just mindless automatons.


Why Play an Echthroi?

Echthroi are great for players who want a character who seeks to atone for the misdeeds of their ancestors, as well as players who wish to play a character who is struggling to find a place in the world.

As a unique and exceptional Echthroi, your character will have the power to manipulate shadow, harnessing innate abilities to transport foes across the battlefield.


Unsettled Fey

Relatively uncommon, legend tells that the Fey of Ceyenus were once immortal, but today wither away to ash before their 30th birthday. Their short lifespans mean that Fey live in the moment, prioritizing new experiences. As a result, many see them as flighty and untrustworthy. “As unreliable as the Fey Queen” is a commonly heard expression.

Fey form strong and intense bonds with those whose company they enjoy and disregard those individuals they deem unimportant. Fey frequently fixate intensely on things that catch their interest, but these flights of fancy rarely last long. Invariably, the exception is the Deep Wood; Fey are drawn to the massive trees, perhaps in a vain attempt to rekindle the connection to the primeval forests from which they were torn.

Within the Deep Wood, Fey often settle into patterns of behaviour that offer excitement and variety; they are much more likely to be traveling merchants, caravan guards, and roaming bandits than they are to be farmers bound to a single field. This tendency to wander means that Fey are usually not found in large groups, though it is common for small groups to congregate on the trails during their travels. Fey families are small and transitory, remaining together for only as long as it takes for the children to become independent.



There are many reasons that an adventurous Fey might strike out from the safety of the refuge villages. Revenge, wanderlust, and boredom are all reasons that a Fey might set out to explore the world. Especially driven Fey might even seek to uncover the truth behind the curse of ash.


Why Play a Fey?

Fey are great for players who want a character who is eager to explore and try new things. Alternatively, they are a good choice for players interested in a fatalistic character resigned to a grim end.

As a unique and exceptional Fey, your character will have the power to confuse and startle your foes, catching them off-guard and vulnerable.

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Sturdy Dactyl

It is said that the Dactyls sprang from the very cradle of Ceyenus itself, earth given breath to defend the planet from the those set upon its surface by the gods. To be sure, were that the case, not only would it explain the brilliant metallic colour of their hair, the mottled, stone-like appearance of their skin and features, and their affinity for rock and earth. Dactyls tend to be deliberate and considered in their dealings and have been described as “slow as the mountains themselves.”

Most Dactyls place great emphasis on familial ties, and Dactyl families, when unchecked, grow to be quite large in comparison to those of other species. These linkages, as well as the connection they feel to the land, may be why the Dactyls are generally reluctant to escape the Deep Wood.

Within refuge villages, Dactyls are typically farmers, using their connection with Ceyenus to nurture crops in the less than ideal environment. In some exceptional cases, the link to the earth is so strong that they are able to manipulate the very rock itself. The fortunate villages which possess such extraordinary Dactyls are encircled by sturdy stone walls, deterring many of the dangers of the Deep Wood.



While they are not the most adventurous of the peoples of Ceyenus, Dactyls are fierce protectors of their homes and family; many a Dactyl adventurer has ventured out to right a perceived wrong or defend their loved ones from danger.


Why Play a Dactyl?

Dactyls are great for players who want a character with family history and extensive, meaningful ties to a home.

As a unique and exceptional Dactyl, your character will have the power to calm the very ground under your feet, finding easy passage through even the

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Domineering Ipotane

Powerfully built, with the head of a horse, Ipotane are cousins to the savage minotaur, and were last to fall to the onslaught of Man. Ipotane are most comfortable on the great plains, and those that dwell near the Deep Wood tend to have an uncertain and nervous character.



Ipotane can be motivated by a need to roam free; the tight confines of the refuge villages and the isolation of the Passages mean that travel is exceedingly dangerous. Consequently, your Ipotane may seek to alleviate the danger of the Deep Wood so that it is safe to move freely throughout the forest.


Why Play an Ipotane?

Ipotane are a strong, formidable people and great for players who want a species with an uncertain history and a strong connection to the open plains. You could also go against type by being an Ipotane who has heartily embraced the towns and cities of Ceyenus.

As a unique and exceptional Ipotane, your character will have the power to overrun your foes, scattering them before you.


Solitary Myrmekes

Before the coming of Man, the Myrmekes were as one, unified under the great hiveminds of Xzzryxy. Thinking as one, acting as one, existing as one, Myrmekes spread across the whole of Ceyenus. The vastness of their civilization made its shattering all the more tragic. Where there had only been one voice, suddenly a cacophony. The shock of sudden individuality was too much for most, killing many and driving others mad. Those who survived did not fare better, being immediately enslaved by Man.

The descendants of those survivors have made a life for themselves within the Deep Wood. Myrmekes do not have family units, preferring instead individual lives lived in close proximity to others of their kind. Despite this preference, Myrmekes lack the territoriality that one might expect from such a prolific species, and it is commonplace for a group of Myrmekes to live amongst others.

The shattering of the Hivemind bestowed the curse of individual consciousness upon the Myrmekes, and the sudden realization of Man’s infliction of mortality means that few Myrmekes intentionally seek out adventure and glory.



Reluctant heroes, those Myrmekes found adventuring are driven by a force which outweighs their tendency toward self-preservation. This motivation might be personal in nature, such as a friend in need, or it might be larger than life, like seeking to reforge the hivemind.


Why Play an Myrmekes?

Myrmekes are great for players who want a character who wrestles with their inner nature, who becomes a hero in spite of themselves, not because of who they are.

As a unique and exceptional Myrmekes, your character is highly mobile, able to move quickly about the battlefield without difficulty.

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