Player Playtest Packet: Everything you need to create a character

The Player playtest packet is everything that you need to create a character for a game of Let Thrones Beware.

Players Guide

The Players Guide provides you with all the species, backgrounds, and classes you need to build a character. With an illustrated guide that walks you through the character creation process, creating a character for the game has never been easier. New competency and power choices provide more customization than ever before, ensuring that no two characters are alike. The guide also provides all the weapons, equipment, and armour you need to ensure that you are ready to survive the world of Ceyenus.

Character Sheet

The character sheet is available in two formats: a complete, print-ready pdf for pen and paper games around the dining room table, and a bbcode-formatted text block for use in online forum games.


Download the Player packet and character sheet for the Let Thrones Beware playtests here.

Current Packet – 006

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