GM Playtest: Everything you need to run the game

The GM Playtest Packet contains all the materials you need to run your own game of Let Thrones Beware.

GM Playtest Packet

The GM Packet includes information on setting up an adventure or campaign in the world of Ceyenus, provides instruction and advice on running non-combat and combat challenges, and has many handy suggestions about how to structure your gameplay to get the most out of it.

Adversary & Hazard Packet

The Adversary and Hazard packet is chock full of enemies for your heroes to vanquish, hazards for them to overcome, and non-combat challenges for them to surmount.


Download the GM and Adversary & Hazard packets for the Let Thrones Beware playtests here:


Current GM Playtest Packet –¬†Playtest 006

The 006 GM packet adds domain management, mass combat, mythic foes, revised non-combat challenges, and additional adversaries.


Historical Packets

Playtest 005

The 005 GM packet adds rewritten adversaries, a much-improved combat chapter , and more information about running campaigns and adventures.

Playtest 004
Playtest 003