Playtest Documents

Access GM Packet here (GM Guide, Adversaries and Hazards)

Access Player Packet here (Player Creation Guide, Character Sheet)


Let Thrones Beware Adventures

This series of free adventures is designed to introduce you to the world of Ceyenus and the mechanics of Let Thrones Beware. Whether you’re brand new to roleplaying games or an experienced vet, these adventures are a great place to start. To play these adventures, you will need a pen and paper (or a printer), dice, and markers to locate you and your adversaries on the included maps.

Rogue in the Woods (394 downloads)

Rogue in the Woods introduces players to the game and walks through the four steps of character creation – attributes, race, background, and class. It also describes how non-combat and combat challenges are run. Character sheets (both blank and completed) are included in the pdf.


Knight to Remember (unreleased)

Knight to Remember builds on the lessons learned in Rogue in the Woods, introducing two new character combinations, advanced non-combat and combat, interactive battlefields, and Advantage; Disadvantage; and Edge mechanics.


Character Sheets

Character sheet (291 downloads)