Hedge Wizard

Man’s incursion introduced magic to Ceyenus; and though its greatest secrets died with the Kingdom of Man, some enterprising individuals have eked out a modicum of success. Due to their harnessing the remnants of Man’s magic, Hedge Wizards are regarded with a great deal of suspicion.

The Hedge Wizard is a lightly armoured, fragile offensive controller class that focuses on dealing damage to multiple opponents at the same time.

Like the Rogue, the Hedge Wizard relies on straightforward attack powers, but unlike the Rogue, who has the tools to get up close and personal, Hedge Wizards are at their most potent when they are out of immediate danger, contributing to the fight from the safety of the sidelines. Their attacks can knock foes about the battlefield, creating opportunities for allies, and forcing adversaries to choose between melee combat and avoiding the Hedge Wizard’s incantations.



The Knight is a heavily armoured defender class that focuses on protecting allies from harm; in fact, through its Intercept class ability, Knights are the only ones who are able to interject themselves into engagements between other combatants. Unlike the Rogue, which is a striker class designed to inflict damage by going on the offensive with direct attacks, Knight powers are oriented toward counterattacks and interrupts.

Knights are at their most effective on the battlefield when they protect their more fragile allies, so be on the lookout for companions who need a helping hand and adversaries that are capable of inflicting powerful blows. To ensure that they’re able to withstand such extensive punishment in combat, Knights have a bonus to Fortitude and a very high base health.



Oracles are leaders, natural champions who exhort their comrades to greatness. Oracles are capable of wearing the same heavy armour as Knights, and their skill in light weapons is legendary. Beyond her considerable fighting prowess, this leader has many actions that can heal comrades or otherwise assist them in battle.

The Oracle is a fierce, inspiring leader who motivates, exhorts, and pushes companions to greatness. The Oracle’s class feature allows companions to heal with every power she uses, and her attacks convey additional means of bolstering allies.

Oracles are at their most effective when they are fighting in close proximity to allies, where their powers can boost their comrade’s effectiveness.



The Rogue is a speedy, nimble class that focuses on dealing massive amounts of damage to your adversaries by bypassing armour and ganging up to overwhelm foes.