Sneak Peek – Knight to Remember – The Knight

Next up in our series of previews for the Knight to Remember adventure is the Knight. This class is an armoured fighter who’s very good at protecting friends, and the special class feature means that the Knight is able to interpose herself into engagements where foes are attacking less protected allies.

Characters: Class: Knight

The Knight is a heavily armoured defender class that focuses on protecting allies from harm; in fact, through its Intercept class ability, Knights are the only ones who are able to interject themselves into engagements between other combatants.

Unlike the Rogue, which is a striker class designed to inflict damage by going on the offensive with direct attacks, Knight powers are oriented toward counterattacks and interrupts.

Knights are at their most effective on the battlefield when they protect their more fragile allies, so be on the lookout for companions who need a helping hand and adversaries that are capable of inflicting powerful blows.

To ensure that they’re able to withstand such extensive punishment in combat, Knights have a bonus to Fortitude and a very high base health.


Knights gain +1 Fortitude

Knights add 12 hp

Class feature: all actions taken by the Knight have the Intercept property


Knights have the Shield Competency:


“It will take more than that

Roll a second Tier Die. You may use this result when using a counterattack or interrupt power but if you do, your action deals 0 damage


Knights gain the following powers:


Deflecting Assault

“Not today

Melee Counterattack – S3

Damage 1W

Armoured Challenge

“Eyes on me, Knave!

Melee Attack – S2

Damage 1W + 1

Your foe cannot use a move action until the beginning of your next turn.

Knight’s Pride

“I have dedicated my life to this

Skill Attack – SFPRW 1

If this skill contest is Physical, you have an Edge


Knights begin the game with the following equipment.


Light Melee Weapon

Damage 1

Reach 1, Range 0

Heavy Armour

Response -1

Resistance 2


Response 0

Resistance 1

Why Play a Knight

Knights are great for players who want a heavily armoured character who protects their friends and allies from danger. The Knight is an iron bulwark against danger and harm.

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