Sneak Peek – Knight to Remember – The Insectoids

The Insectoid is the other race included in the Knight to Remember tutorial adventure. We’ve encountered an Insectoid in the adventure path before – Vruxyx sought you out in Rogue in the Woods. Insectoids are the fast, mobile counterpart to the Formians; their great size belies surprising speed and quickness. Insectoids also have an unusual history; once an innumerable race of drones controlled by a hivemind, the destruction of their central intelligence inflicted individuality and consciousness upon each individual member of the race.


Before the coming of Man, the Insectoid race was as one, unified under the great hiveminds of Xzzryxy. Thinking as one, acting as one, existing as one, Insectoids spread across the whole of Ceyenus. The enormity of their civilization made their shattering all the more tragic. Where there had only been one voice, suddenly a cacophony. The shock of sudden individuality was too much for most, killing many and driving others mad. Those who survived did not fare better, being immediately enslaved by Man.

The descendants of those survivors have made a life for themselves within the Deep Wood. Insectoids do not have family units, preferring instead individual lives lived in close proximity to others of their kind. Despite this preference, Insectoids lack the territoriality that one might expect from such a large race, and it is commonplace for a group of Insectoids to live amongst other races.

The shattering of the Hivemind bestowed the curse of individual consciousness upon the Insectoid race, and the sudden realization of Man’s infliction of mortality means that few Insectoids intentionally seek out adventure and glory.

Insectoids receive +1 to Wit or Response.

Insectoids have a Speed of 7.


All Insectoids have the following power:

Springy Leap

“From the Heavens

Move Action

Move up to your speed. At any point during the move, you may leap up to three squares, bypassing terrain (and adversaries) underfoot. This does not extend your movement range.

Physical traits

Insectoids are typically 6’1” – 7’10” tall and weigh between 170 and 220 lbs. They have six legs, four lower legs which they use for locomotion, and two upper appendages with complex claws for grasping and manipulation.

Their large mandibles mean that Insectoids lack the physiological means to speak. Instead, they communicate by broadcasting their thoughts into nearby minds. Though it is unsettling to those unaccustomed to it, this is not a subtle act; much like spoken word, everyone within range will receive the transmission.

Insectoids live an average of 50-70 years


Reluctant heroes, those Insectoids found adventuring are driven by a force which outweighs their tendency toward self-preservation. This motivation might be personal in nature, such as a friend in need, or it might be larger than life, like seeking to reforge the hivemind.

Why Play an Insectoid

Insectoids are great for players who want a character who wrestles with their inner nature, who becomes a hero in spite of themselves, not because of who they are.

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