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Welcome Heroes, to the next instalment of the Knight to Remember preview. In today’s post, we get to see the Stalwart Guard, a background for characters in Let Thrones Beware. The Guard is a great background for players who like to cooperate with their commrades, and a a character with this background who’s able to coordinate will see some real benefits. This background is also our first introduction to Influences, which represent the people, knowledge, and possessions that you character has which will be useful while adventuring. We’ll take a look at exactly how Influences work in a future preview, but for now, just know that the non-combat challenge system has a whole mechanical component that supports the skill powers.

Lastly, the background describes some sample motivations that might drive a character who has the Stalwart Guard background and reasons why a player might want to pick this background over others.

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Characters: Background: Stalwart Guard

The Stalwart Guard is a familiar sight to all who dwell in the Deep Wood. Whether escorting merchant convoys during the Passage, keeping a watchful eye on the forest from atop a fortified village tower, or holding the Gate of Thorns against terrors that seek the verdant greens beyond the mountains, guards are essential to continued existence within the Deep Wood.

The training and experience of guards is varied; those who enlist at the Gate of Thorns benefit from a rich and storied martial tradition, while those born deep within the forest who volunteer to protect their home are considerably less well off. Competent guards, no matter where they served, are not only formidable in battle, but also observant and quick to bring down the might of their comrades in order to confront an obstacle.


Guards gain +1 to Strength due to all the marching they do.


As a guard, you possess certain Influences, which can be used to help you succeed in non-combat challenges (you’ll learn exactly how to make use of Influences later in the adventure). Influences represent the people that you know, the knowledge that you’ve acquired, and the possessions you own that can help with a particular challenge. Unlike the powers your character has, when you use an Influence, it is expended rather than exhausted; you will not regain it. Through the course of your travels, you will be rewarded with additional Influences.

Your starting Influences are as follows (remember these values, as you will often reset your Influences to their starting values at the beginning of an adventure):

Inventory 1, Knowledge 1, Contact 2


Guards also have the following combat and non-combat powers:

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Skill Attack – SFRWP 1

An ally assisting you provides grants you Edge and causes the Obstacle you’re confronting to lose an Edge

The Guard is never wrong

Skill Attack – SFRWP 2

GM draws two more Obstacles. Look at all three, pick one to discard. GM may use either of the other two.

A Right Cudgelling

Melee Attack – SFRWP 1

Damage 1W

Target is Stunned until the end of its next turn.



Adventurers with the Guard background are often motivated by a desire to bring order to the wild and dangerous Deep Wood. They might also be looking to escape the regimented, routine life and find some adventure.

Why Play a Guard

The Guard background is a good choice for players who want to have a character with a formal, quasi-military past. Guards have deep insight into the workings of their jurisdictions, whether they be castles, sprawling estates, or small villages. Guards can be grizzled old veterans, eager young recruits, or anything in between.

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