Sneak Peek – Knight to Remember – The Formians

As I’ve touched on in previous posts, the second Let Thrones Beware introductory adventure, Knight to Remember, will cover two complete character workups (that’s race, background, and class). This morning we take a look at the race of the first character – the Formian. The first Formian we encountered was Telchal, who hired your rogue to retrieve a precious family heirloom. You encountered another in the market, where you learned that Formians are drawn to large cities where they utilize their experience in working with stone and earth.


Characters: Race: Formian

It is said that the Formians sprang from the very cradle of Ceyenus itself, earth given breath to defend the planet from the races set upon its surface by the gods. To be sure, were that the case, not only would it explain the brilliant metallic colour of their hair, the mottled, stonelike appearance of their skin and features, and their affinity for rock and earth. Formians tend to be deliberate and considered in their dealings and have been described as “slow as the mountains themselves.”

Most Formians place great emphasis on familial ties, and Formian families, when unchecked, grow to be quite large in comparison to other races. These linkages, as well as the connection they feel to the land, may be why the Formians are generally reluctant to escape the Deep Wood.

Within refuge villages, Formians are typically farmers, using their connection with Ceyenus to nurture crops in the less than ideal environment. In some exceptional cases, the link to the earth is so strong that they are able to manipulate the very rock itself. The fortunate villages which possess such extraordinary Formians are encircled by sturdy stone walls, deterring many of the dangers of the Deep Woood.


Formians receive +1 to Fortitude or Wit.

Formians have a Speed of 5


All Formians have the following power:

Stone Song

Melee – Free Action

Remove difficult terrain in Gout 2


Physical traits

Formians are typically 4’6” – 5’6” tall and weigh between 170 and 220 lbs.

Formians live an average of 90-100 years, are usually quite averse to adventuring, preferring instead to stay with their kin. In those cases where a Formian does take up heroics as a career, the Formian generally departs in their 40s, after they have raised their children. It is unusual for one to set out before founding a family, and rare for a Formian adventurer to be absent for extended periods; most will find excuses to return home on a regular basis.

Formian skin tones resemble rock and mineral. They are hairless, and have prominent veins of metallic in colour lacing their skin, which range from copper and bronze to shining gold and brilliant platinum.

Unlike most, Formians do not require food or drink; however, they must remain stationary with their feet touching fresh earth or rock for several hours a day as they replenish nutrients from Ceyenus itself.



While they are not the most adventurous of the races of Ceyenus, Formians are fierce protectors of their homes and family; many a Formian adventurer has ventured out to right a perceived wrong or defend their loved ones from danger.


Why Play a Formian

Formians are great for players who want a character with family history and extensive, meaningful ties to a home.



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