What’s coming down the pipe next – Let Thrones Beware Adventures

With Rogue in the Woods nominally complete, it’s time to talk about what’s next for Let Thrones Beware


The next adventure, A Knight to Remember, will focus on:

  • Two sets of new races, backgrounds, and classes – the Formian Guard Knight and the Insectoid Merchant Hedge Wizard
  • Character inventory
  • Advantage & disadvantage
  • Edge
  • Working with teammates
  • Advanced combat
  • Interactive battlefields


The third, as of yet unnamed adventure, will focus on:

  • New race, background, and class – the Echthroi Noble Oracle
  • Creating an adventuring party
  • Legendary opponents
  • Upgrading the town


The fourth and final (also unnamed) adventure will detail:

  • Setting up a game
  • Use of rumour
  • Adjudicating tough decisions
  • Difficult players
  • Adventures and campaigns
  • Levelling up characters
  • Final battles


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