What’s coming down the pipe next – Let Thrones Beware Adventures

With Rogue in the Woods¬†nominally complete, it’s time to talk about what’s next for Let Thrones Beware


The next adventure, A Knight to Remember, will focus on:

  • Two sets of new races, backgrounds, and classes – the Formian Guard Knight and the Insectoid Merchant Hedge Wizard
  • Character inventory
  • Advantage & disadvantage
  • Edge
  • Working with teammates
  • Advanced combat
  • Interactive battlefields


The third, as of yet unnamed adventure, will focus on:

  • New race, background, and class – the Echthroi Noble Oracle
  • Creating an adventuring party
  • Legendary opponents
  • Upgrading the town


The fourth and final (also unnamed) adventure will detail:

  • Setting up a game
  • Use of rumour
  • Adjudicating tough decisions
  • Difficult players
  • Adventures and campaigns
  • Levelling up characters
  • Final battles


Rogue in the Woods: A Let Thrones Beware Adventure

When I was little, I was a big fan of the 1991 New Easy-to-Master Dungeons & Dragons Game – it came with this really clever introductory adventure on flashcards that introduced newcomers to Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing games in general one step at a time. Playing through a series of quests taught me everything I needed to know about the game, and equipped me with the knowledge to play in and run my own adventures with friends. Since then, I’ve never found an RPG that opens with a more accessible, easy-to-use adventure. In crafting an introduction to Let Thrones Beware, I wanted to design something that does more than merely list the mechanics players use – I wanted to convey a sense of the world of the game and how the game actually plays out, while also explaining the game’s mechanics and how they interact in play.

My ultimate goal is to develop a series of linked adventures, guiding people from knowing nothing about the game, its mechanics, or rpgs in general to experienced players capable of GMing for an entire table of friends.

A Rogue in the Woods Covers the following subjects, and while it doesn’t have the layout or graphics finished yet, it’s feature-complete and ready to be evaluated.

  • Making Decisions & Interacting Fairly
  • Character Attributes
  • Character Race
  • Character Background
  • Character Class
  • Trivial Challenges
  • Introduction to Skill Checks
  • Introduction to Combat
  • Skill Checks and Tests
  • Complete Combat

Download Rogue in the Woods: A Let Thrones Beware Adventure!