Character Classes – Meet the Knight

There are four base classes in Let Thrones Beware, each corresponding to one of the four primary ethos – Defender, Leader, Controller, and Striker. Today, we take a look at the Knight, the defender.

What is a Knight?

Knights are chivalrous defenders of the downtrodden, sworn to protect the weak and helpless. Clad in heavy armour, Knights are proficient with many weapons and are well-trained surviving combat. Ferocious in battle, their impenetrable armour allows them to shrug off blows that would fell others, and this combination of technique and equipment allows them to intercede on behalf of their allies.

Why Play a Knight?
The purpose of the Knight is to provide players with a versatile, heroic figure that protects his allies. As a defender, several of the Knight’s actions are able to intercept attacks, counterattacks, and interrupts leveled against other players; the Knight is the only class with this capability. By intercepting and redirecting attacks, the Knight frees the other classes to focus on deploying their most potent attacks without being concerned with being countered.

Class Information

  • Knights gain +1 to Strength
  • Knights have a base of 6 hit points


Light Melee Weapons
Basic Competency: Nimble and Quick – Entering threatened range does not provoke an engagement.

Heavy Weapons
Basic Competency: Rend – Whenever you do damage to an enemy, you may choose to reduce that enemy’s damage resistance by one.

Basic Competency: Iron Thicket: If you hit an adversary moving from outside your reach to within, that adversary is stopped at the maximum extent of your reach.

Heavy Armour
Basic Competency: Steadfast: All forced movement effects imposed upon you result in one less square of movement.

Light Armour
Basic Competency: This is Pretty Light – Once per round, when engaged with an enemy, you may change your position to another space adjacent the adversary.


Deflecting Assault

  • Adventurer Tier – Interrupt – Melee
  • Momentum – Both
  • S3
  • Damage – [1W]/[2W]/[3W]
  • May be used in reaction to attacks made against other characters

Armoured Challenge

  • Adventurer Tier – Attack – Melee
  • Momentum – Both
  • S2
  • Damage – [1W]/[2W]/[3W]

Frantic Shielding

  • Adventurer Tier – Counterattack – Melee
  • Momentum – Both
  • S4
  • Damage – 0
  • May be used in reaction to attacks made against other characters

Mailed Fist

  • Adventurer Tier – Move
  • Momentum – Foward
  • S0
  • You may move up to [3 + Response] spaces before attacking
  • Damage – [1W]

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