Building a Character – Part Three – class

Step four: picking a class

Finally, we get around to picking Tobin’s class. Ever since he lost his estate, he’s developed some rage issues, and is quick to rush into combat to express his emotional turmoil in the form of a stabbin`. As a speedy Rogue, Tobin gains +1 to Response and 4 hit points. He has learned Thievery (+3) and Stealth (+1).

He’s also picked up a few tricks in his time: Shot in the Back, Pin-Point Accuracy, and Brutal Knifing are all important abilities of his. He’s also quite competent in Light Weapons, Light Missile Weapons, Heavy Missile Weapons, and Light Armour.

Sir Tobin the (Overpopulated) Human Rogue posted:

Strength: 0 Response: 2 Wit: 2 Fortitude: 0 Presence: 2

HP 4


  • Court Intrigue (+3)
  • Thievery (+3)
  • Leadership (+1)
  • Stealth (+1)


Light Melee Weapons

  • Basic Competency: Nimble and Quick – Entering threatened range does not provoke an engagement.

Light Missile Weapons

  • Basic Competency: There’s Always a Knife – You are never disarmed. You always have at least one light missile weapon.

Heavy Missile Weapons

  • Basic Competency: A Most Accurate Shot – You may fire a heavy missile weapon from the prone position without penalty.

Light Armour

  • Basic Competency: This is Pretty Light – Once per round, when engaged with an enemy, you may change your position to another space adjacent the adversary.


That Monotonous Sound

  • Adventurer Tier – Minor
  • At beginning of an encounter, you may impose the surprised condition on one adversary.

Commanding Voice

  • Adventurer Tier – Minor
  • Imposes Fearful condition (save clears).

Shot in the Back

  • Adventurer Tier – Interrupt – Melee, Ranged
  • Momentum – Foward
  • Q4
  • Damage – [3W]/[6W]/[9W]
  • Requires adversary to be engaged by another opponent

Pin-Point Accuracy

  • Adventurer Tier – Attack – Melee, Ranged
  • Momentum – Both
  • Q3
  • Damage – [1W]+1/[2W]+2/[3W]+3

Brutal Knifing

  • Adventurer Tier – Attack – Melee
  • Momentum – Foward
  • Q3
  • Damage – [2W]/[4W]/[6W]

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