Building a Character – Part Two – background

We’re going to tease this out a bit longer, and just do the background.

Step three: selecting a background

There are plenty of people out in the world, human and inhuman alike. Most of them are downtrodden, which is such a shame. Not Tobin though, he was lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family. Who died at the hands of another noble who wanted their forest. No wonder Tobin has sensitivities toward class.

Fortunately for Tobin, while they can take his estate, they can’t take his brains (unless they find him and remove his head).

As a noble, he gains +1 to Wit, owing to all of that formal education. He also gains the Commanding Voice ability. His time in the Royal Palace has left him quite is skilled in Court intrigue (+3), and Leadership (+1)

Sir Tobin the (Overpopulated) Human posted:

Strength: 0 Quick: 1 Wit: 2 Fortitude: 0 Presence: 2


  • Court Intrigue (+3)
  • Leadership (+1)

That Monotonous Sound

  • Adventurer Tier – Minor
  • At beginning of an encounter, you may impose the surprised condition on one adversary.

Commanding Voice

  • Adventurer Tier – Minor
  • Imposes Fearful condition (save clears).

Cool! So, how do we use those skills? What if Tobin wants to sneak into his enemy’s estate?

Basic Mechanics

Tier Die
At many times in the game, you will need to make a check to determine whether or not your character is able to accomplish a task.
A check is made by combining a die roll with skill modifiers, and beating a specified difficulty level. The die you roll will depend on the tier of your character.

Adventurer d6 – Champion d8 – Legend d10

Attribute and Skill Checks
The basic mechanic in Let Thrones Beware is the check. There are two basic types of check, the ability check, and the skill/action check.
The ability check is made by rolling the tier die and adding (or subtracting) your ability score.

Skill and action checks are made by rolling the tier die and adding the skill (or action value) and your ability score. In some cases, the choice of ability score may be up to you as the player. In other cases, it will be dictated by the skill or the GM.

Tobin doesn’t have any way to sneak right now (though we could just rely on an attribute check based on Quick), but there is another way – he could make attempt use of his Court Intrigue skill to cause a shift change at just the right time, allowing him to walk in the front door unimpeded. He would see how well he did by totaling the results of

Skill Check posted:

d6 + 3 (Court Intrigue) + 2 (Presence)

to see whether he’s able to pull the right strings.

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