The world of Let Thrones Beware

This is the first post for the Let Thrones Beware role-playing game. In time, I’ll provide a more complete description of the game, but for now, here’s a very brief overview of what I’m building:

Design principles

  • Characters should be equally viable, no matter what combination of choices they make
  • Choices must be purposeful; a decision must have a significant mechanical impact, otherwise the details should be considered fluff
  • Combat and skill challenges must be crunchy, but quick – and easy to adjudicate


Why you might be interested

  • You are tired of inflicting damage by rolling to beat an armour class
  • You enjoy meaningful choices in character design
  • You don’t want to track a million modifiers


To do

  • Determine mechanics
  • Class abilities
  • Skill challenges
  • Weapons
  • Armour
  • Sample adversaries

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