The basic combat mechanic

I’m drawing inspiration from a couple different places – It’s a mix of sport fencing, rock paper scissors, magic the gathering, and street-fighter, with 4e’s powers template for organization and balance.

Essentially, every character will have a pool of actions, derived from race, class, and background, as well as default actions that everyone has access to at all times. These are assembled into a deck, and a player builds a hand of several cards. Each action has a force rating, determined by whether it’s a powerful attack, or a quick one, or a sneaky one, etc.

When an adversary is engaged, someone plays an attack card – by beating the force rating of the preceding card, the defender can try to counterattack – this alternates back and forth until a character cannot beat the force rating, or chooses not to – at which point damage is applied. If force ratings are tied, both participants suffer damage. At that point, all played cards are exhausted.

At the end each combat round, a limited number of actions are randomly refreshed for every adversary.

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