Building a Character – Part One – abilities and race

In an effort to get this all straight in my head, I’m posting it here! Our concept is a Robinhood-esque human rogue from the landed gentry. We’ll call him Tobin.

Step one: assigning attributes.

The attributes are:

  • Strength
  • Quick
  • Wit
  • Fortitude
  • Presence

Every player has three attribute points that they can assign at the beginning of character creation. Character attributes begin at zero, and for novice adventurers, can range from a minimum of -1 to a maximum of +3 (factoring in race, background, and class).

To be as hoodish as possible, we want Tobin to be nimble (Quick +1), smart (Wit +1), and a hit with other humans of the appropriate gender (Presence +1).

Tobin posted:

Strength: 0 Quick: 1 Wit: 1 Fortitude: 0 Presence: 1

Step two: choosing a race

This is pretty simple. Tobin’s an Overpopulated Human. He’s certainly not one of those Speedy Insectoids or Formidable Dwarves. As a human, he gains an additional +1 to Presence, because people are worried that if they don’t listen to the nuance of his every spoken word, they’ll wind up losing their land in exchange for some worthless trinkets. Tobin also gains That Monotonous Sound.

Tobin the (Overpopulated) Human posted:

Strength: 0 Quick: 1 Wit: 1 Fortitude: 0 Presence: 2

That Monotonous Sound

  • Adventurer Tier – Minor
  • At beginning of an encounter, you may impose the surprised condition on one adversary.

Next time – selecting a background and a class.

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