Welcome to Let Thrones Beware

What is Let Thrones Beware?

Great question! Let Thrones Beware is a pen and paper roleplaying game for five or so people. Set several hundred years after the destruction of the Kingdom of Man, the game chronicles the efforts of a party of brave heroes to set the world right and eliminate the threats which lurk in the darkness. One person assumes the role of Game Master and the others create characters who will explore the world.

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How does the core mechanic work?

The core mechanic in Let Thrones Beware is the challenge, which can be either non-combat or combat oriented. When encountering an obstacle or adversary, players and the Game Master will engage in a challenge, which pits two (or more) sides against each other. During a challenge, each side attempts to achieve the highest Force Score, which is determined by combining a d6 roll (referred to as the Tier die), the appropriate attribute (descriptions of a character’s aptitude such as Strength, Wit, or Presence), and a skill or combat power.

Powers are divided into attacks, counters, and interrupts, each of which supersedes the preceding powers (e.g. a counter power beats an attack and an interrupt beats both an attack and a counter). A new power may only be played if the resultant Force Score ties or exceeds that of the opponent. A challenge is won when one participant declines (or is unable) to use any further powers. Every power has an associated effect, which is applied if the power was the last one to be played in the challenge.

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Who are the characters?

The characters in Let Thrones Beware are a combination of attributes, race, background, and class. Each selected facet provides a character with a selection of powers, influences, and competencies which she or he can use to interact with the world.


What do I need to play?

To play the game, you’ll need some paper and pencils, dice (each of 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, and 1d20), something to make maps with, markers or miniatures to track your movement, and a few friends.


When can I get started?

Let Thrones Beware is still in development, but in the meantime, you’re welcome to explore Rogue in the Woods: A Let Thrones Beware Adventure, a free introductory adventure that explains how to make your first character and all of the basic concepts of the game.